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“Buzz Birnbaum and Elissa Rogovin were the Hammond listing brokers for the home owned by my wife and me on West Newton Hill that was sold in July 2019. We were very pleased with the professional services rendered by Buzz and Elissa. These brokers had been recommended to us by a friend who is a real estate attorney.

“After living in our Newton home for 33 years, we decided to sell and move to a smaller home on the North Shore. We closed on our new house in October, 2018, months before expected. Time was of the essence, in order to maximize the attractiveness of the Newton property for the spring market. In addition to recommending a listing price, Elissa and Buzz met with us on many occasions. Their business contacts in the community were particularly responsive to our needs as they have an on-going referral network with these brokers. For example, they recommended a painting and carpentry contractor who worked with us and these brokers to have work on the house completed as soon as weather conditions allowed. As we had moved out well before the closing date, Elissa kindly took the lead in communicating with our alarm company and the fire department to obtain the fire certificate required for the closing. Unlike another broker we had interviewed, Elissa and Buzz were not overbearing when giving recommendations regarding decluttering or the need for staging. 

“Selling one's home is a stressful process. It is a pleasure recommending Elissa and Buzz, as we were pleased with the sale price and highly professional services that Elissa and Buzz provided throughout the listing process.”

-- Chris K., September 2019

"I sold my home of 45 years with the extraordinary help of Buzz and Elissa. They were professional in every sense of the word, providing me with expert advice, help and guidance. More importantly they provided the support and respect of this life-changing event. I can not recommend them with greater enthusiasm, they were terrific.”

-- Sydra S., September 2019

“Alessandra and I would like to express our gratitude to both of you for helping us in this selling! We believe you achieved a great result! 

“All this process has not been easy for us, and your help really made the difference. You did a terrific job with all the visits, and we would have never been able to reach any agreement with these buyers if you were not standing by us!”

-- Alessandra and Lillo B., August 2018

"I have worked with Elissa on multiple real estate transactions over the past eight years beginning with a fantastic rental she helped find and negotiate for me. When I was ready to buy my first condo I contacted her right away. The property we found ended up being a challenging 'short sale,' but she guided me through every step and we successfully closed the deal. During this transaction she also referred me to an excellent mortgage broker and attorney, professionals we have continued to work with, and it made a real difference having the same team to rely on with each deal. 

“A couple of years later I married and my husband and I moved out of state. Elissa listed and sold our condo quickly while also finding us a great real estate agent in our new city. When we relocated back to the Boston area, now with two children and in search of our forever home, Elissa worked diligently to help us find exactly what we were looking for. This was no small feat as our needs and wants were very specific and she delivered on every one of them, even expertly guiding us through an intense bidding war to get us our home. Working with Elissa is a delight and she always exceeds my expectations. At least once a week my husband says ‘I love our house!’ and I concur. I highly recommend Elissa as a trusted advisor and real estate agent.”'

- Liesje Q., April 2018

“Elissa Rogovin is truly an exceptional real estate agent!  She worked with us for the better part of two years as we planned a relocation from Ohio to Boston.  As we were unfamiliar with the area, Elissa assisted us with all aspects of our move including touring us around many different communities and towns (several times), providing helpful information and resources about the Boston area, visiting properties on our behalf, touring properties with us when we were in town, and finally, expertly guiding us through the purchase of a home when we found a house we fell in love with. 

“Throughout the entire process, she provided us with the best possible service and also referred us to other excellent professionals who assisted with the inspection, mortgage, closing, etc.  Her deep knowledge of the area, advice, and guidance were invaluable and her calm, professional, and patient manner very reassuring during what would otherwise have been a highly stressful time.  On top of that, she is a genuinely wonderful person who I am now glad to be able to call a friend.  I can’t recommend Elissa highly enough!”

-- Elizabeth P., March 2018

“It was a true pleasure to work with Elissa while looking for a condominium in Cambridge. From my very first meeting with her, I felt at ease with her and confident of her honesty and ability. Not only was it clear that she is familiar with the market and the area, but she communicates in a manner that is at once professional and warm. She explained the buying procedure clearly, and listened with genuine interest when I told her what I was looking for.

“During the search, Elissa was always available to answer my many questions. She was determined to help find a place that I loved and that would work for me. She kindly reminded me to be patient, and I’m especially grateful for her care, and her wisdom, in steering me away from a condominium that – although charming – had drawbacks that would have made it a poor choice at this stage in my life. Fortunately, it did not take long until we found a condominium that is perfect for me, and with her guidance I made an offer that was accepted. Afterwards, she coordinated everything so that the closing went as smoothly as possible.

“I whole-heartedly recommend Elissa as a dedicated real estate agent – and beyond that: she’s a wonderful human being.”

-- Margaret W., November 2017

“Elissa Rogovin has worked with me and my family to find a lovely lot for our new home. She did not have an easy task with all the wishes that my family had, but she mastered the entire search with elegance. Elissa came with us to uncountable site and house visits, on hot summer days and in deep snow. She helped us to find the perfect lot, think every step through and make a well-informed decision. You can really count on her, even on a weekend afternoon, to pay great attention to detail and to consider her clients' best interest. When our offer was accepted, she called personally and I will never forget her words, ‘maybe it was meant to be.’ Anyone would be lucky to have her on their side in finding a new home.”

-- Gabriela S., February 2017

“After considering several other agents, I chose Elissa to help me sell my two-family home in Brookline in the Spring of 2014. Working under a tight timeline, Elissa did an outstanding job in every respect. Her personal involvement was exceptional. The comps she produced were detailed and insightful. The pricing was arrived at only after visits to the home by both Elissa and another experienced associate. 

“Once engaged, Elissa took care of every single detail: from dealing with possible title problems, excellent legal referrals, smoke inspections, landscaping, basement and attic clean-out, beautiful photography, and an excellent web presence. All of this led to much excitement and great attendance at the open house - which was again, flawlessly run by Elissa and her team. Multiple offers were received and I relied on Elissa to assist with negotiations. 

“In the end, the home sold for a significant amount over asking. The closing was rapid and uncomplicated - based on the excellent foundation established by Elissa. Whether you are selling or looking for a personable and determined agent to assist you in buying, I urge you to consider working with Elissa!”

-- Jonathan W., January 2016

“Elissa helped us sell our condo in Cambridge in less than a week! She knew how to price it exactly right and gave us good advice about staging it. We got several offers over asking after the first open house. Elissa also helped us find our house in Newton. The housing market was very tight and we had very specific requirements. She was very patient, tried to think outside the box, and did not push us to look at places outside our price limit. When we did see our house, she gave us good advice about how much to offer, and the offer was accepted almost immediately. We love our house! It's exactly what we were hoping to find and in the location we were hoping for as well.”

-- Felice W., December 2015

“Elissa Rogovin handled the sale of my Brookline house in 2012 and it is my great pleasure to write a letter in support of her and recommend her as an outstanding real estate agent. 

“When I first met Elissa, she explained the process of selling a house, listened patiently to my many questions and concerns, and assisted me in setting and ultimately achieving a sound price for my house.

“I found Elissa to be extremely professional and completely knowledgeable of the real estate market. At the same time, it was easy to talk with her. She was a wonderful listener and made herself readily available. She was very quick to return my calls, was always punctual, and when she did not have the answers to my inquiries she made sure she got them quickly.

“It seems to me that Elissa’s cheerful personality and the quick and bright mind she exhibits in all situations are assets in her chosen and very competitive field. She made it a point to help me meet my goals with genuine interest and hard work. At this point, I think of her not only as a competent, honest, and dependable real estate agent but also as my friend.”

-- Tatyana Goldwyn, January 2013

“Elissa was recommended to us by a friend soon after we moved to the USA from England and she guided us through the journey to buy our first American house. We began the process feeling rather clueless and she was a fantastic source of knowledge and experience – she clearly outlined each step of the house-buying process for us, from getting a mortgage pre-approval right through to getting the keys, and then she accompanied us every step of the way!

“Elissa helped us focus on our needs during the search and was always available to fit into our schedule, from meetings at the crack of dawn to last minute viewings. But where she really came into her own was after we found the house we wanted to buy – she advised us in the negotiations to secure the house, made sure we knew what was expected of us at each step and was responsible for the flawlessly smooth coordination of the banks, lawyers and seller’s agent. I would unreservedly recommend Elissa to anyone else looking to move house!”

-- Tamara B.

“I found Elissa by recommendation when I went to buy a house in 2007. Her diligence and expertise made me feel very at ease about the whole process; I felt confident that every relevant property was being considered and vetted for me. She really took the time to understand my goals and did her homework ahead of time to make sure we didn't waste a visit on an unsuitable home. The result was a parade of excellent properties, and it did not take long to find the home of my dreams. When that happened, Elissa was right there for me through the entire process, making sure that everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Elissa if you're looking to buy a home in Cambridge / Somerville area.”

-- David B.

“A consummate professional. I was referred to Elissa when I began my search for a new condominium. Although I had a good idea about what I wanted, I needed help in narrowing down my choices, and picking the perfect one. Elissa was patient with me (despite my wishy-washyness) and helped to locate a condo that I fell in love with. I made an offer and, after going back and forth a bit, got me a great deal.
“Many agents would have been done after this, and moved on to the next client. Not Elissa. She helped me throughout the build-out of my condo, making recommendations on features, design, and options – keeping in mind resale value and my budget. I am extremely appreciative for all of the time she spent with me. All of her decisions were spot on, and she made the process fund and enjoyable, and was not afraid to kick my butt into gear when I was dragging my feet on a few things.

“She was very enjoyable to work with, and extremely personable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated professional in the real estate field ether as a buyer or as a seller.”

-- Sam B.